An homage to the giant supernova in the sky 

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An homage to the giant supernova in the sky 


Looking back at 2016 (Pencil color -phanté series)…

Coloring, Elephants

In the beginning….


I was terrified of using colored pencils…


And boy did it show. 😂 So I gave up on them for a while.

But I eventually decided to give them another go…


And was more satisfied with the results.

Finally, with a bit more confidence, I began to take more risks. Combining pencils and gel pens…


And the results made me smile…


And chuckle…


I suppose what matters is that I am content with all the pieces, even the crappy ones. 😁

There are plenty of people out there who are far better at drawing and coloring than I, but fortunately my competition is with myself and not with them. It’s been a fun year (as far as coloring goes) and I look forward to spending another year sharing my pictures and progress with you all. Thank you for a wonderful 2016!