The Seahorse

Coloring, Other Animals

The Seahorse


4 thoughts on “The Seahorse

    1. Thank you Neal! I wish I could take credit for thr actual drawings, but all I do is color. Inspiration really depends on my mood. Some days I just pick a random color and see what comes of it (which was what I did with this picture and the Unicorn-phantĂ© picture). Other times it may be something I was using that inspires me, e.g. there’s one picture I colored using gel pens and nail polish, just cause I liked the way the nail polish looked lol. There are also a few I have done after friends requested particular color combinations. So it really depends. 😊

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      1. Still that doesn’t mean I’m gonna relent complimenting you. Just as a singer brings life to a bring life to that artwork through your colors. 🙂

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